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Tag Archives: writing

Book Creator
by Red Jumper Studios
We have used several different book creation apps in our iPad lab. Most of these applications include…

Tools 4 Students
by Mobile Learning Services
A high school teacher introduced us to this app at one of our workshops. It is such a great…

World Atlas
by National Geographic Society
The Nation Geographic World atlas provides an interactive interface for exploring the…

Stories On Stix
by The World Needs Heroes
Stories on Stix is a great exercise that challenges your students writing and story development…

Comic Touch Lite
by plasq LLC
This free comic making application is an easy tool for students to create visual projects. Students get…

by Tamajii Inc
One of many available apps that creates story books, Bookabi offers fun and simple interface for younger grades.…

Word Collage
by Alex Tataurov
Word College is best used as a mini project within a larger lesson plan. Word walls are often used by many…

Mad Lips
by Affective
Creative narratives can often be an engaging and exciting writing lesson for students. With “Mad Lips”,…

Story Creator
by Innovative Mobile Apps
There are many apps for creating story books available in the app stores. A majority of them …