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Tag Archives: exercise

by McGraw-Hill
With Bluster! students can get meaningful word skills practice. They can work alone or with a partner. This…

A+ Spelling Test
by Innovative Mobile Apps
This free spelling app allows you to create a customized word list for your students. Its …

Sight Words List
by Innovative Mobile Apps
There is an endless number of sight word apps in the Apple app store. They range in functionality…

Stories On Stix
by The World Needs Heroes
Stories on Stix is a great exercise that challenges your students writing and story development…

Sakura Quick Math
by Shiny Things
This easy-to-use app is a quick exercise that tests student’s efficiency in adding, subtracting,…

Hungry Fish
by Motion Math
Motion Math’s Hungry Fish is a simple exercise where students practice their addition and subtraction…

Phrasal Verbs Machine
by Cambridge University Press
The phrasal verb machine is a fun and interactive application designed to assist…

10 Frame Fill
by Classroom Focused Software
10 Frame Fill uses one exercise to improve and test the student’s addition skills…