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class with apps


The Class With Apps Resource Team is a group of professionals with numerous years of effective teaching
experience, technology know-how, and a passion for seeing all students achieve. Our mission is to support educators in the development and delivery of technology rich Common Core driven lessons for students in all grades.  It is our thinking that tablet devices and the applications that run on them should not be yet another fad, but rather a standard tool accessible and useful to all teachers. To accomplish this we hope to share these effective tools and new ideas that will fuel your creativity and lesson planning.

Class with Apps Team

The Teacher

Kimberly Simpson

Effective teachers never stand still, they are always looking to the future to make sure they meet it head on.  My students are  always growing, changing to meet the needs of our society. If I stand still, I am doing them a great disservice. My name is Kimberly Simpson, and I am a proud graduate of Albany State University, University of Minnesota, and Cambridge College. I am a 15 year veteran of the education system. I began teaching  Kindergarten at Sugarmill Elementary in St. Marys Georgia in 1997. I have since taught in North Carolina, Guam, and Florida. I have had so many rewarding experiences in my career. For as many as I have taught, that many have taught me. I pride myself on continuous growth. My daily goal is to leave my students with something new. I’m proud to say that I haven’t failed yet. I look forward to many more years working with and for students.

The Geek

Robert Heubach

Serving as the Creative Director for the Institute for Innovative Community Learning, I have developed a broad background with various technologies. Throughout an eight year career I have worked as a graphic designer, videographer, web developer, and technology consultant. While working at the University of West Florida and with the School of Education over the past six years, I have collaborated with university faculty and K-12 teachers, assisting and implementing various technologies into classroom instruction. It has been my pleasure to assist Kimberly in creating and teaching in the iPad lab at Weis Elementary in Pensacola, Florida.


Heather Eaton

This generation has an incredible capacity to obtain knowledge and communicate their ideas through technology. Boundaries of creatively and functionality are constantly pushed. My desire is to stay on the cutting edge in the classroom, so that my students can have the edge on the playing field of life. My name is Heather Eaton, and I am a graduate of the University of West Florida with a bachelors in Elementary Education as well as a Master’s in Teaching Reading. I have been teaching at Weis Elementary since 2008. My students and I have the privilege of both learning and creating through a class set of iPads.