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Spelling in the Clouds
with “CloudDraw”
This is a practical way to engage primary students in a differentiated sight word skills practice activity. While using a collaborative app called CloudDraw, students will interact with each other while applying and sharing sight word knowledge.

Target Grade Level: Primary

Focus: Sight Word Spelling Practice

Common Core Standards:

Materials: CloudDraw App
10 Frame Fill

This is best done in a small group or as a stand-alone center with a student leader. Begin by logging into CloudDraw. Be sure to log in all iPads at the same time. I suggest using Guided Access on all the student iPads and restricting the “Delete” option in Guided Access. This will help eliminate accidental deletion of student work. They will be able to undo errors made on their iPad, but it will not affect the work of others. Allow each student in the group to select a color for writing. This will allow you to know which student completes the writing.

This activity can be differentiated to fit the needs of individual groups of students.

Level 1: Use the text option to type a sight word to be practiced. Ask students to read the word. Provide help when needed. The students then use their finger to write the word as they say it. Continue this for the words for the day or week.

Level 2: Use the text option to type part of a word. I like to use the first letter and the last letter as the clue. Students are asked to complete the word and read it. A good add on is to have students say a sentence using the word.

Level 3: Use the disappearing word option to write one letter at a time. Students must pay close attention to each letter in order to complete the full word. Even though each student can see the work of other group members, the challenge of completing it first is still there.

Level 4: Using the text feature. Write a group of words that are a foundation for a good sentence. Always start with a good example sentence for the students. Students will use the text option to type a sentence using the given words plus their own words. Have each student take turns reading all the sentences posted.

Center Idea
To use as a stand-alone center, prepare word cards and place them in the middle of the table. Students take turns being the leader if more than one participates, or this can be done independent of others. The leader will draw a card, read the word, write or type the word. The other student should read the word and write it with his finger. This should be adjusted according to the level of the student.


Kimberly Simpson Kimberly Simpson
Kimberly is a sixteen-year veteran in education and currently serves as the Coordinator for ClassWithApps through the Institute for Innovative Community Learning at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida. She has developed and been instrumental in infusing tablet instruction into the classrooms at C.A. Weis Elementary School. Read more about Kimberly Simpson and the rest of the Class With Apps Team.

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