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World Atlas
by National Geographic Society
The Nation Geographic World atlas provides an interactive interface for exploring the globe with some great features for studying World geography. Students can apply their knowledge and make their own personal set of geographical notes by adding descriptions to pins.

How It Works?



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Taping on the cities and puling up the information box can at times be touchy. Instruct your students to take their time when selecting a city to write about.
When entering information on a pin, change the pin to the desired color before entering the description. If you changed the pin after, you might lose your description and will have to start over.

Cost and Platforms
National Geographic World Atlas is available for $1.99 in the Apple app store.


Robert Heubach Robert Heubach

Rober Heubach is the Creative Director for the Institute of Innovative Community Learning at the University West Florida. He has been currently working in classrooms as a technology consultant and experimenting with various new apps in instruction.

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