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Stories On Stix
by The World Needs Heroes
Stories on Stix is a great exercise that challenges your students writing and story development abilities. The app provides each student with five randomly generated elements of a story. The elements includes the who, what, when, where, and a detail. Students then must write a story that includes each element of the prompt. You can also instruct your students to create the story within set perimeters such as a word limit or time limit. These stories can be shared through email or you can browse through the library of written stories in the app.

How It Works?

IMG_0313 IMG_0313





When Stories on Stix creates prompts for each detail in the story, they can be very random. Student’s may not be able to create a believable story with what they are given. Encourage your students to keep re-generating the story prompts until they have details they feel like they can use.

Cost and Platforms
Stories on Stix is available for $0.99 in the Apple app store.


Robert Heubach Robert Heubach
Rober Heubach is the Creative Director for the Institute of Innovative Community Learning at the University West Florida. He has been currently working in classrooms as a technology consultant and experimenting with various new apps in instruction. Read more about Robert Heubach and the rest of the Class With Apps Team.

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