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by Launchpad Toys
With Toontastic, students are able to apply and practice their storytelling abilities using their fingers. The app includes a variety of charters and locations for the students to utilize and the All Access version includes a more extensive character library. Toontastic stands out because its engaging interface and how it walks the student through the story making process. Students are instructed to record their voice and animate each character in different sections of the story.The app complies the setup, climax, and resolution to make a full video.

How It Works?

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Troubleshooting: Students can often waste time in this app and become frustrated when attempting to move characters as they which. Characters can turn and the limbs can be moved. This is a great feature for the animation, but can be tricky for the students to control with their fingers. Provide adequate time for students to practice moving the figures before they are instructed to begin creating their story.

Students can also waste time perfecting their animation. To avoid spending too much time recording, set a timer on your iPad and offer the students 2 – 5 minutes to record each scene.

Cost and Platforms
Toontastic is a free application available in the Apple app store.
Toontastic All Access is available for $12.99 in the Apple app store.

Robert Heubach Robert Heubach
Rober Heubach is the Creative Director for the Institute of Innovative Community Learning at the University West Florida. He has been currently working in classrooms as a technology consultant and experimenting with various new apps in instruction. Read more about Robert Heubach and the rest of the Class With Apps Team.

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