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Mad Lips
by Affective
Creative narratives can often be an engaging and exciting writing lesson for students. With “Mad Lips”, students can add a voice to any type of object, place, or person. After writing a descriptive narrative, students can record their lips and add them onto an object. The outcome is a creative video presentation that will excite students and impress parents.

There are a few advantages of using the pro version of Mad Lips, which costs $2.99. The final video can be exported with no frame, and the video length is not limited. The free version also limits the user to one creation every 24 hours. There are many possibilities for using Mad Lips in the classroom, so Mad Lips Pro could be a useful app purchase. We will use the free version for this demonstration.

How It Works?
The process of creating a Mad Lips video is simple.




IMG_0313 IMG_0313

IMG_0313 IMG_0313



Students can become side tracked and confused with the various different buttons and options. Providing clear app instruction will be important to completing an activity with Mad Lips in a set time frame.
Recording can also be difficult with the whole class working on the project simultaneously. Students recording themselves talking can pick up other students’ voices. Spreading out in a classroom and taking turns will alleviate this common issue.
Cost and Platforms
Mad Lips is a free application available on the Apple app store.
Mad Lips Pro is a $2.99 application available on the Apple app store.

Robert Heubach Robert Heubach
Rober Heubach is the Creative Director for the Institute of Innovative Community Learning at the University West Florida. He has been currently working in classrooms as a technology consultant and experimenting with various new apps in instruction. Read more about Robert Heubach and the rest of the Class With Apps Team.


  • Cindy Speed
    February 23, 2013 at 12:14 am

    Love this! I can’t wait to try it with my third graders.

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