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class with apps
  • ipad_3

    Numbered Backgrounds
    by A Class With Apps Freebie
    One the easiest methods of keeping track of a classroom set of iPads is numbering them.…

    Character Analysis
    The purpose of this lesson is to provide a creative avenue for students to analyze characters within any…

    A Literary Trade off
    Digital Trading Card Lesson
    For me, the writing of narratives has always been one of the more enjoyable things to…


    by Nearpod Inc.
    I have been using ipads in my classroom in one capacity or the other since they first hit the scene in 2010. I have…


    Literary GeoTrack
    Book Reviews
    The setting provides the backdrop for a story. It sets the tone for the reader by establishing the time,…


    Yaking Alphabet
    with YAKiT
    Letter sounds are a foundational skill for every Kindergartener. They all have to learn them, why not make…


    by Freak’n Genius Inc
    This fun colorful app allows students to easily bring story characters, inanimate objects, and …


    Book Creator
    by Red Jumper Studios
    We have used several different book creation apps in our iPad lab. Most of these applications include…


    by zinc Roe
    There are many great apps such as ShowMe, Ask 3, and Explain Everything that allow students to write and record…


    Google Drive
    by Google, Inc.
    With a free Google email account, Google Drive provides a simple solution for collecting and storing students’…